Authentic Finnish Sauna Experiences

Relax in a smoke sauna or try our unique ice sauna, unwind in the whirlpool under the northern sky or book the guided SaunaTour to get into the secrets of Finnish Sauna culture. 

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Hitech savusauna

Rukan Salonki Starsauna

Hi-tech smoke sauna with ice-hole and outdoor whirlpool

Welcome to enjoy the gentle warmth of our hi-tech smoke sauna. This sauna is electrically heated, yet it has a nice aroma of smoke and a rustic feel to it. The sauna lounge has a fire place and offers space to relax or have a sauna snack. 

In summer you can take a refreshing swim in lake Salonkijärvi, and in winter you can take an even more refreshing dip in the ice hole. In addition to this the HotSpring outdoor pool on the lakeside terrace is ready to be used throughout the year!

Sauna rental: 
150 € / 1-5 persons
250 € / more than 6 persons

Outdoor whirlpool 100 € / group

Starsauna is located in Rukan Salonki resort. Prices do not include transfers for guests outside Rukan Salonki resort. Let us know if you need a transfer to reach us!

Inquiries and reservations per e-mail

Pyhäpiilo Nature Spa

saunas, wellness treatments and social events

Pyhäpiilo Nature Spa is surrounded by beautiful wilderness landscapes, it is a hidden place by a sacred fell on the shore of lake Pyhäjärvi. The place radiates peace and serenity and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a visit to Pyhäpiilo. 

Experience the traditional Finnish smoke sauna or enjoy nature spa treatments unlike anywhere else in the world! These treatments are a social event and the premises can host up to 40 persons. You also find a panoramic lounge and two dressing rooms and two shower rooms in Pyhäpiilo. 

Ask us for a tailored offer for your group! 

Pyhäpiilon jääsauna

Pyhäpiilo Ice Sauna

The ice sauna is located by the lake shore, only a few steps from the indoor saunas. There is room for up to 10 people at the time. The ice sauna is a truly exotic experience – how can a room made entirely of ice be warm? It is, gently warm and perfectly steamy. 

Ice sauna is always combined with the indoor saunas and facilities. To maximize the arctic sauna feel, take a dip in the ice hole next to the ice sauna. 

Ice sauna is available on advance reservation only and for private parties only. 

Transfers to Pyhäpiilo ice sauna and meals in Pyhäpiilo sauna lounge can be arranged on request. 

Ask us for a tailored offer for your group!



The way to learn about Finnish Sauna

For Finns sauna is an institution, something very essential in life and a must-have. But why do the Finns love their sauna baths so much, is it not just sitting in a hot room?

Your authorized sauna guide will tell you about the Finnish sauna and its health benefits and traditions. The sauna guide will advice you on how to make the perfect “löyly” happen, that is the steam in the sauna and also advice you to the use of a body scrub made of Lappish wild herbs.

Between the heats you can cool off by taking a dip in the refreshing lake, or ice-hole if winter or eve rolling in the snow in your birthday suit!

A generous sauna snack and herbal tea are served in the sauna lounge, where you can relax and cool off after the sauna. 

The total duration is 3 hrs. SaunaTour for parties less than 20 persons takes place in Rukan Salonki Starsauna. 

SaunaTour prices: 
Min 2 persons 95 € / person
Min 4 persons 75 € / person

Outdoor whirlpool 100 € / group

For SaunaTour bookings for larger groups, we use Pyhäpiilo Nature Spa, price on request according to group size. 

Inquiries and reservations per e-mail

Herkuttele saunassa

Sauna snacks and beverages

Order a snack and some beverages to the sauna

Have a delicious after-sauna reindeer or salmon meal in the barbecue hut by Starsauna, by the open fire, in the traditional way. Or a sauna-sausage as the Finns have. In Pyhäpiilo we can serve a 3-course dinner or an exciting seasonal outdoors Laavu-dinner. 

For the SaunaTour a generous snack is included, this snack can be ordered also by guests who reserve the saunas on rental basis. 

Sauna snack

  • Cold cuts of reindeer and salmon
  • Selection of local breads and cheeses
  • Root vegetable and potato crisps
  • Rye crisps
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Herbal tea and fresh water

Further drinks can be delivered to the sauna. Drinks only by order, not BYO.

Ask us more on sauna meals and beverages!

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