Wild Food Restaurant Rukan Kuksa

When you're looking for high-end restaurant, all roads lead to Rukan Kuksa.

Restaurant Rukan Kuksa is the home of wild food. We serve locally produced wild foods from the best ingredients found in nature. We warmly welcome you to the world of authentic flavors.

Chefs in Rukan Kuksa get their inspiration from the amazing nature of Kuusamo. We are proud to be able to use pure ingredients at our restaurant. Bon appétit, nature lovers!

Wild Food Menus

Fish, reindeer, mushrooms, and Nordic berries full of vitamins… And this is only a small sample of our offerings. When the high-quality ingredients meet our chefs’ fertile imaginations, you’ll be introduced to new and wonderful flavors. Our philosophy for food is based on the Arctic nature, seasonality and local products.



Location and opening hours

Rukan Kuksa is located to Ruka village in Kuusamo. Click the link below to get to restaurants website.