Rukan Salonki Chalets

Let the North set the rhythm of your holiday

More than just accommodation or activities – Rukan Salonki provides travel experiences all year round. Our services are inspired by the Arctic nature, local ingredients and by the desire to meet our customers as individuals.


Experiences, freedom, responsibility

Rukan Salonki is a travel company established in 1986, owned by two generations of the Määttä family. We base our operation on three key ideas: responsible travel, employee appreciation and unforgettable experiences. Our mission is to provide our customers a carefree experience that’s uniquely theirs.
sustainable traveling

We have done a lot of work over the years to make traveling more sustainable. Our efforts have been recognized with the Greek Key certificate, which is the leading standard for excellence in the field.

Valuable employee

It is our belief that modern travel companies have to provide socially sustainable services. For this reason we make sure that our employees are treated with respect and well compensated for their work.

Internationally recognized

Rukan Salonki has been recognized by many organizations. For example, the Oscars of the travel industry, World Ski Awards, have already honored us eight times as Finland’s best chalet destination.

High-quality Accommodation

Arctic splendor is built from grey logs. Unforgettable experiences are waiting for you at our villas.
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Experience the Unforgettable North

Take a look at our carefully chosen activities at Ruka.
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Enjoy the Delicates at our Wild Food Restaurants

We warmly welcome you to try out local seasonal treats.
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Relax in the Amazing Pyhäpiilo Sauna World

Find out why we received a quality certificate from Sauna from Finland.
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Meetings and Parties at Rukan Salonki

Kuusamo's unique nature provides a wonderful setting for big conferences and smaller events alike.
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