Responsibility is an essential and fundamental part of all of our operations. Whether it is about environment or the wellbeing of our staff, we are developing and improving our operations long-term in order to be the best version of ourselves.

Socially sustainable workplace

It is important for us to be a company that operates in a socially sustainable way. Too often employees’ rights are not respected in the tourism industry and the seasonal aspect of the work makes it difficult to improve the working conditions. We at Rukan Salonki develop our work environment with a simple thought: “We want that it is nice to work here” The goal is reached by listening to the employees, by treating everyone equally and by paying a fair compensation for the work.

Working for the environment

Rukan Salonki has done long-term work in developing the operations in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Due to environmentally responsible operations we have been granted the Green Key eco-certificate. As the certificate was designed for tourism industry from day one, it understands the characteristics of the industry. The high environmental standards are maintained through diligent documentation and frequent audits.